Vision and Mission


To ensure that education is more formative than Informative so that it may not only be able to shape and develop the natural talents of the student but also enable him/her to absorb and express the permanent values of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan as contrasted with mere acquisition of knowledge.


To cater the needs of the rural background students by providing them with an equal opportunity to expand their skills of thinking critically, communicative proficiency, civic responsibility and global awareness through quality and career focused higher education in human capital.


1. To inculcate the students for higher education which is lifelong investment for their self-reliance.

2. To forge sustainable ethics, principles and knowledge thus growing responsible social youth.

3. To provide higher education with gender equality.

4. To promote the students for their contribution to national integrity and development.

5. To impart knowledge-based education with global scenario to develop self-dependence.

6. To create a work place that fosters personal and professional growth with team work.

7. To enhance scientific creativity through entrepreneurial approach with practical knowledge.

Organization Chart